Here Are 20+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of BTS’s “Me, Myself, And RM”

The man you are today, Kim Namjoon! 🔥

BTS‘s RM is stunning fans with his good looks and sophisticated visual aesthetic in his Special Photofolio, “Me, Myself, and RM.” Recently, Naver revealed some behind-the-scenes photos giving fans a sneak peek into what they can expect from the Photofolio. Check them out below!

1. RM and plants just go together.

2. When he’s outside in nature, he’s Namjooning.

3. He showed off his artsy side in this black and white themed photoshoot.

4. This wild west vibe might remind fans of “Permission to Dance” era.

5. This concept was made for him!

6. Some extra detail shots wrap up the Photofolio perfectly.

Source: Naver