10 Moments That Actually Show BTS RM’s True Personality

#3 is so precious!

BTS‘s RM is soft, sensitive, and full of love for his fellow members. Check out some of the moments he proved his real personality is too sweet below!

1. His humble reactions to BTS’s endless praise for him

RM is totally selfless!

2. Showing his appreciation for ARMY

He always prioritizes thanking fans, whether he posts it online or speaks it in person.

3. His love for nature and plants

He’s much less lonely with his plants around!

4. His love for any small living creature

He thinks crabs are the cutest thing in the world.

5. When he bravely admitted his growth

As he’s grown up, RM accepts himself for who he is.

6. Not caring about other people’s opinions

He tells fans that they should stand up for themselves and not let others control them.

7. Being a good role model for the younger members

Jungkook always says how much he looks up to their leader.

8. He’s not afraid to love his members right back

He stopped mid-conversation to compliment Jin‘s face!

9. Constantly helping out whenever he can

He went over some raps with V when he was preparing for Muster.

10. Doing some behind-the-scenes work

He will gladly help someone out with songwriting, like when he spent time with Jimin.