BTS’s RM Should Definitely Run For President, Here Are 10 Reasons Why

He has all the qualities a nation’s leader needs.

BTS’s leader RM has earned the nickname “President”, and these are 10 very real reasons why he would make an amazing president, should he choose to run for office!


1. He is an experienced and capable leader

When RM debuted as the leader of BTS, he was only 18 years old. Even so, he guided his members into the spotlight with a maturity beyond his years and has continued to lead them to the best of his abilities.


2. He always puts other people first

RM’s number one concern has always been his members, and he does everything he can to look out for them and help them when they need it.


3. He is a positive role model people can look up to and be proud of

RM still hasn’t decided what “RM” stands for, but “role model” would be an excellent choice. RM is humble, wise, kind, and he leads by example, just like a true president should.


4. He aspires to be a better person tomorrow than he was yesterday by striving to improve himself

The willingness to accept criticism and the ability to learn from your mistakes are core qualities all great leaders need. RM has proven he can do both, again and again!


5. He loves ARMY like a president loves his nation

RM loves the people who support him, and he never takes that support for granted. He is always looking for ways to give back to his supporters and make their lives better.


6. He knows how to writes his own speeches, and he recites them passionately

RM moved hearts and minds when he recited his legendary “speak yourself” speech at the United Nations.


7. He stands up for socio-political issues and human rights

RM strongly supports various human rights issues, and he cares deeply about those affected by them.


8. He already has the perfect campaign slogan: “teamwork makes the dream work”


9. He’s on good terms with the current president, President Moon Jae In

Making connections like this doesn’t hurt, right?


10. His approval rating would be 100%, if ARMY has any say in it!