BTS’s RM Revealed He Loves John Mayer’s Style—And These ‘Outfit Twin’ Pics Prove It

Who wore these outfits best? Our vote goes to RM!

BTS’s RM and singer John Mayer have more than just great artistry in common—they’re also constantly twinning with their matching outfit choices.

In preparation for the upcoming 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards, where BTS is nominated for Best Music Video (“Boy With Luv”) and Best Fan Army, the group joined iHeartRadio in “The Booth” to cast their own votes.

When it came to choosing a Favorite Tour Photographer, RM went for Daniel Prakopcyk who photographed John Mayer. His reasoning?

I’ll pick John Mayer ‘cause I love John’s fashion.

— RM

Mayer himself described his style as both “what feels right” in the moment and whatever he can get away with.

My style is about balance between these highly differentiating, novel, interesting, far-out things and working it into kind of a daily wear situation.

— John Mayer

RM definitely must have a similar approach to fashion, because he’s proven that he and John Mayer are style twins over and over again. These 7 matching outfits prove just how similar their fashion sense is.

1. The Kimono Jacket

VISVIM is definitely one of RM’s favorite brands. On his way to the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, RM wore this head-to-toe VISVIM look. Pay close attention to the $2,500 Sanjuro Kimono down jacket.

Notice anything familiar about John Mayer’s outfit? It’s the same jacket RM wore!

2. The Bohemian Cardigan

In this snap, RM looks comfortable and cute in a $3,000 patchwork bohemian cardigan from Kapital.

And John Mayer wore the exact same one at the Audemars Piguet Rodeo Drive back in 2015. It was a fitting moment for the two to match outfits, since J-Hope owns an expensive Audemars Piguet watch.

3. The Embroidered T-Shirt

For RM, running simple errands like walking the dog is no excuse not to be fashion-forward. Here, he’s wearing an oversized Furoshiki t-shirt ($160) from Kapital with matching embroidered pants.

If you look closely at this live stream, you’ll notice John Mayer wore the t-shirt too.

4. The Lounge Shorts

Back in August, RM uploaded this photo where he wore loose-fitting lounge shorts from a brand called Fear of God.

Surprise surprise: These $500 shorts were also worn by John Mayer in a video where he sang “Carry Me Away” with his dog.

5. The Hand-Painted Coat

One of RM’s most priceless fashion pieces, this VISVIM kimono coat took the creator 3 months to make because of the unique, Japanese hand-painting technique used to design it.

And here’s John Mayer wearing the same one. The coat is so time-intensive to make, no one is quite sure just how much it costs.

6. The Blanket Coat

In February 2019, RM repped VISVIM again wearing this Katazuri Blanket coat, known to sell for thousands of dollars.

In a GQ shoot where John Mayer talked about his style, he wore it too. It certainly looks warm!

7. The Blue Cardigan

Last but not least, there’s the $1,000 Kapital Kakashi cardigan RM wore in January last year, featuring hand-knit patches in shades of blue.

It’s the same one Mayer rocked on a casual shopping trip along with VISVIM sneakers.