10+ Times BTS’s RM Was Almost More Savage Than Suga

RM is patient, wise…and low-key savage.

When it comes to savagery and sass, Suga is BTS‘s king, but every king needs an heir, right? Here are 10+ times when RM could have inherited the throne!


1. In an interview, Jungkook said that he wanted to live freely and without much thought. RM said to him, in English, “You don’t think that much, right? You’re doing that really well.”


2. When J-Hope asked what his “crime” was, RM said “looking like a horse”


3. RM once asked for a Jin joke, but it ended up being so lame that RM said he’d throw a pizza at Jin, if he’d had one!


4. When he low-key dissed Jimin’s hair…


5. …and straight-up called Jin’s hair “ugly”


6. In an interview, BTS were asked “what is the question you wish people wouldn’t ask?”. RM replied, “Like this”, meaning that question.


7. When he called Jimin a “narcissist”


8. When he told J-Hope he’d get kicked out of a shop


9. When Jungkook was taking too long to answer, RM took the mic and sassily answered for him


10. While on vacation, Jin planned to dress well just to avoid RM’s criticism. RM claimed that he would have just said some “bad comments” about Jin’s outfit, but what was precisely what Jin was avoiding!


11. On Knowing Bros., Jin winked at Super Junior’s Heechul when their eyes met. When Heechul said that it would have been bad if he’d blushed, RM told Heechul that he’d be proving his own rumors true.


12. He once used his English skills to overwhelm Suga in this confessional. Savage King Suga did not put up with that for long!


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