10+ Of The Funniest Reactions To The “Secret” Behind BTS RM’s Pants

Fans are having a field day.

Today, BTS‘s RM dropped a spoiler that has everybody confused. “There’s a secret behind these pants,” he said. “I’m wearing them right now, but it’s a secret. I feel like I showed you guys everything, but there’s a huge secret hiding within these pants so please look forward to it.”


Now, ARMY is being, well…ARMY. Here are 10+ of fans’ best reactions so far!

1. Starting the day like:

2. Oh my, my, my…

3. This missed opportunity

4. Doesn’t he know?

5. He knows.

6. Drop your theories!

7. They’ve connected the dots

8. This meme has never been more appropriate

9. On today’s episode of Did He Really Say What I Think He Said?

10. Accurate

11. No thoughts, just pants

12. “Bury me”