BTS’s RM Is Confusing Everyone With His “Secret” Spoiler

The secret is hidden…where?

BTS spoiler king is back with a new haircut and hints about new content!


Today, RM held a surprise live broadcast to chat with fans during his 30-minute break between schedules. Here, he explained why “Permission to Dance” has no rap verses, and much more. He also dropped a hint that’s leaving ARMY with more questions than answers!

While showing his outfit, RM said that his gray jogging pants hold a “secret” about today’s schedule. He told fans that they can look forward to finding out what his pants’ secret is.


There’s a secret behind these pants. I’m wearing them right now, but it’s a secret. I feel like I showed you guys everything, but there’s a huge secret hiding within these pants so please look forward to it.

— RM

Of course, ARMY is now buzzing with curiosity, and the speculation is wild. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out what BTS is working on!

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