RM Explains Why There Is No Rapping In BTS’s “Permission To Dance”

He talked about BTS’s new song in a surprise live broadcast.

BTS‘s vocals shine as bright as the summer sun in “Permission to Dance,” but unlike their previous English single, “Butter,” this song is missing BTS’s signature rapping.

BTS in “Permission to Dance” MV 

Today, RM talked about “Butter,” “Permission to Dance,” and more in a surprise live broadcast. Although “Butter” was released two months earlier than “Permission to Dance,” RM said that BTS heard both songs at the same time.


RM loved both songs at first listen; they each have their own strengths. “Butter” is a strong summer bop and “Permission to Dance” is a track that that will make listens slam that replay button over and over again.

BTS in “Permission to Dance” MV

According to RM, when BTS first heard “Butter,” it had an unfinished rap section that the rap line (RM, J-Hope, and Suga) all worked on. In the end, RM’s version was chosen to be part of the finalized track.

At the time, BTS talked about possibly adding rap verses to “Permission to Dance,” but they decided against it. Why? “Permission to Dance” already felt complete without the rap. As a result, the group’s rappers showcased their singing instead.

RM in “Permission to Dance” MV

RM, like the rest of BTS, chose to sing the part that was best suited for his voice. The final “Permission to Dance” version is in a higher key than the demo, but if it had stayed lower, RM said he could have sung different parts instead. Now that we’ve heard the song, however, it’s hard to imagine anyone else singing RM’s “sing along to Elton John” lyric!

If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to “Permission to Dance” here: