10+ “Seoul Town Road” Memes That Will Make You Say “Yeehaw-seyo”

Fans are sending BTS to the wild, wild west.

On July 25, Lil Nas X and BTS‘s RM dropped “Seoul Town Road”, a remix of  Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”. This country/hip-hop bop has inspired fans to make memes, and these are 10+ of the best ones so far.

1. BTS in the wild, wild west

seoultownroad2 seoultownroad4 seoultownroad9 seoultownroad8 seoultownroad7 seoultownroad5 seoultownroad6


2. “I got the homies in the back”



3. No license required

4. “Yeehaw-seyo”



5. Seoul Town Road (feat. Suga)

6. The cutest cowboy



7. BT21 in the back

8. RM as his spirit animal

9.  The highest level of yeehaw


10. This is not a drill

11. The official music video


12. Sheriff JK has arrived!

13. “Let’s get this countryside!”

. . .