10+ “Seoul Town Road” Memes That Will Make You Say “Yeehaw-seyo”

Fans are sending BTS to the wild, wild west.

On July 25, Lil Nas X and BTS‘s RM dropped “Seoul Town Road”, a remix of  Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”. This country/hip-hop bop has inspired fans to make memes, and these are 10+ of the best ones so far.


1. BTS in the wild, wild west


2. “I got the homies in the back”


3. No license required


4. “Yeehaw-seyo”


5. Seoul Town Road (feat. Suga)


6. The cutest cowboy


7. BT21 in the back


8. RM as his spirit animal


9.  The highest level of yeehaw


10. This is not a drill


11. The official music video


12. Sheriff JK has arrived!


13. “Let’s get this countryside!”