20 Sexy Photos Of Sleeveless RM — Because You Deserve It

WARNING: May cause systems to overheat.

When BTS‘s RM arrived home from Japan wearing a tank top, everybody lost it. If there’s one thing to thank the summer heat for, it’s sleeveless RM. These 20 photos prove it.


1. Gimpo Airport Tank Top

July 17, 2019 will go down in history, thanks to this shirt. Technically, RM isn’t sleeveless here, but that’s probably a good thing. If he’d taken off his overshirt, ARMY may have ended up in the morgue. Cause of death? Sexiness toxicity.


2. RM’s beachwear is just one more reason to love summer


3. Can we come swimming too? Please?


4. We’re also up for lazing in the shade…


5. …and listening to BTS bops by the shore


6. Check out that winning smile…


7. …and gorgeous tan!


8. On stage, sleeveless shirts bring out RM’s hip-hop swagger, rapper attitude…


9. …and they’re just really practical, you know? It gets hot up there.


10. Like, really…


11. …really hot!


12. “Danger” was a very good era, for totally legitimate reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with RM’s biceps.


13. The same goes for You Never Walk Alone. 



14. We’re just here for the music and confetti…


15. …honestly!

16.  “Caught in a liiiiiiie…”. Oops. Wrong song!


17. Anyway, what we’re trying to say, on behalf of fans far and wide…


18. …is that we love RM for who he is, not what he wears…


19. …but if this becomes a daily thing, we’re 200% okay with that.


20. BONUS: Wet T-shirt RM, just because.