BTS’s RM Told ARMY He Misses Them On Weverse, And The Feeling Is Definitely Mutual

“We miss you more!”

BTS‘s RM posted on Weverse today to tell ARMY he misses them, and ARMY misses RM and the rest of BTS just as much! Shortly after RM posted on Weverse, ARMYs from all over the world trended #WeMissYouMoreNamjoon on Twitter, proving that the feeling is mutual.

A Weverse moment posted by RM | BTS/Weverse

Here are 7 of the best ARMY reactions to RM’s post!

1. This ARMY who felt all the love in RM’s Weverse post

2. This ARMY who noticed RM values his fans more than achievements

3. This fan who connected the sweet Weverse post to RM’s speech during the Map of the Soul ON:E concert

4. This ARMY who is 100% in agreement with RM’s thoughts on COVID-19

5. This fan who is understandably crying over RM

6. This ARMY who appreciates all the love and comfort RM gives his fans

7. This ARMY who is beyond grateful that RM is such a wonderful person


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