BTS’s RM Shares His Thoughts on COVID-19

To say he’s over it would be an understatement!

BTS‘s RM did a surprise live broadcast earlier today and revealed what he thinks about the COVID-19 pandemic.


Near the end of the broadcast, RM asked fans if they had any questions for him.


RM read a fan comment out loud that asked, “Do you think COVID will end in 2022?” 

RM answered “please” in English and then said “I’m so close to cursing” in Korean.


Then, BTS’s leader paused for a second with his hand over his mouth before continuing in English.

“Get the h*ll out,” he said. “COVID, get the h*ll out.” 


Considering that BTS has not been able to perform in front of ARMY since the pandemic started, it’s no wonder RM is beyond ready for COVID to be a thing of the past, and we totally agree!

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