5 Of BTS RM’s Most Virgo-Like Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 148

He’s got every single one of the sign’s best qualities!

BTS‘s leader, RM, was the epitome of Virgos during the latest episode of Run BTS!

BTS RM | @jimanfc1306/Twitter

The members were tasked with painting and decorating a room as part of an interior design challenge in episode 148 of Run BTS! As he took on the challenge, RM proved that he matches all of Virgo’s best qualities, which include being hard-working, creative, reliable, patient, and kind.

Here are 5 moments from episode 148 of Run BTS! that prove RM is a total Virgo!

1. When he was on board with the pink room idea

Jin jokingly said that his team would decorate an all-pink room, which made the other members hesitant to join his team. RM kindly said that Jin’s idea “sounded great,” which proved he’s a kind-hearted Virgo!

2. When he started assigning tasks to his team

Virgos are hard-working and great leaders, and RM proved he’s a true Virgo as soon as his team started decorating their set! He assigned tasks to his teammates and made sure the team was working like a well-oiled machine.

3. When he thought his building project was complicated but quickly figured it out anyway

Virgos are quick thinkers, and they can adapt easily to any situation. RM was worried that mirror-building would be a complicated project, but he quickly got the hang of it with a little help from Jin like a total Virgo!

4. When he sweetly encouraged J-Hope

Virgos are caring and kind, and this description definitely fits RM! Even though he was busy working on his own project, he encouraged J-Hope as his fellow 94-liner started painting.

5. When he was determined to finish his project on his own

Virgos are a very determined, self-reliant bunch! While building the mirror, RM got confused about where to place the screws. Although Jin offered to help him, RM was determined to figure it out himself in true Virgo fashion.




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