Here Are 16 Iconic Moments From “Run BTS!” Mini Field Day Part 1

No one was ready for #3!

BTS just released the latest episode of Run BTS! This 2023 Special Episode is centered around the boys’ “Mini Field Day” where they play various sports including fencing and volleyball. Check out some of the must-see moments below!

1. The chaotic trio of Jungkook, V, and J-Hope going crazy before the games even began

They have so much energy!

2. Jimin’s little skit saving RM when he was “wounded” by the paint

Call in the Jimedics!

3. Suga suddenly deciding that heading the volleyball makes sense

The strategy didn’t work, but it looked cool!

4. Jungkook spraying (safe) paint into his own eye

He took himself out!

5. V’s victory pose with emphasis on the hip wiggle

The members loved it.

6. Every time Jin made up a rumor about Suga doing all kinds of sports

Suga denies it, but the meme was hilarious.

7. J-Hope’s “Michael Jackson” moment to stay in the game

Just dance legend behavior!

8. Jin’s circles being the size of his tiny hands

This is just too cute.

9. Every time RM had to explain things with actions instead of words

It really gets the feeling across!

10. Jimin and V’s wholesome moment after their fierce battle

95z are besties for life!

11. Jungkook’s impromptu CF

This is his secret to winning!

12. Jin warming up like this

Every bone in Jin’s body is a funny bone.

13. When Jimin flew off the court

How did this happen?!

14. When cat Suga suddenly appeared

The editors know exactly what we want.

15. Jungkook talking about “Neuron Law”

He says he used quantum physics and we believe him.

16. V’s iconic finishing move

The no-look hit was epic!

Watch the full episode below.