BTS As The 7 Types Of People You’ll Meet On A Zoom Call

Which one are you?

In episode 150 of Run BTS!BTS checked into the Josun Palace Hotel for a stay-cation. After a trivia quiz determined who would stay in which suite, the members logged onto Zoom. Here are the 7 different types of Zoom people BTS became during their call!

1. The one who would rather be sleeping

There’s always at least one person who wants to ghost their online meeting or virtual class. Why do work when you can catch Zs instead? While the rest of BTS was sitting at attention, Jin was tucked into bed. Is he goals? Yes. Yes, he is.

Jin | Run BTS!/V LIVE

2. The one who can’t stop moving

Some people just can’t sit through a Zoom call. When wasn’t fiddling with his camera, he was rocking in his chair, stepping out of the frame, or walking around his hotel room.


Who can relate?


3. The one who is actually a good student

Some people have trouble focusing in virtual school, but others were born to study online. Suga positioned his camera so that he and his “assignment” were in full view. Look! He’s paying attention, Teacher!

Suga | Run BTS!/V LIVE

4. The one who can’t get a moment alone

Have you ever been ambushed by family members, eavesdropped on by roommates, or distracted by a significant other who will just not go away during your call? Don’t worry. We’ve all been there! In this screen, a staff member can be seen poking out from behind Jungkook.

Jungkook | Run BTS!/V LIVE

5. The one with tech issues

Bad connections, mic trouble, camera struggles — these things happen. During the call, J-Hope treated us to a close-up of his forehead.

J-Hope | Run BTS!/V LIVE

6. The one who shouts into the mic

Can you hear me? What about now? Some people are way too loud on Zoom. When the staff told BTS how pricey the room service would be, Jimin shouted his frustration. (Spoiler: He wasn’t the only one!)

Jimin | Run BTS!/V LIVE

7. The one who has it all together

For every person who is fighting with Zoom (or ditching it for a nap), there’s one person who is at peace with the call. Their camera is well-positioned, they’re focused, and everything’s going their way. That’s RM!