13 Times BTS Spoke In Their Native Dialects And Left Us Shook

#5 was iconic!

Each of the BTS members has their own satoori, or regional dialect, that they speak — despite how hard they try to hide it! Born in Ilsan and Gwacheon, RM and Jin have Seoul/Gyeonggi dialect (also known as standard Korean). Meanwhile, Jimin and Jungkook (born in Busan) along with V and Suga (born in Daegu) have Gyeongsang dialect. Lastly, because J-Hope was born in Gwangju, he has Jeolla dialect.

Even non-Korean speaking fans can hear their different accents and word choices if they listen closely! Check out some of the times the members slipped into satoori below.

1. Jungkook’s smooth Busan accent is a fan favorite.

2. We love both versions of Suga!

3. J-Hope’s adorable Jeolla accent always pops out!

4. Jin speaks in satoori when things get serious.

5. V’s Daegu dialect is everything!

6. This skit is a three-for-one!

7. We could listen to the Busan boys forever.

8. ARMY can’t help but fall for J-Hope’s sudden satoori moments.

9. When being a “bad boy,” satoori is a must!

10. The other members’ behavior definitely rubbed off onto RM — They call it Namtoori.

11. Jin “scolding” Jungkook in satoori is the best!

12. Everybody remembers this iconic tweet.

13. Suga slips into satoori every now and then.