BTS Are Scary Cool Villains In New HD Photos For “2022 Season’s Greetings”

They’re here to rock your world!

BTS have released teasers for their 2022 Season’s Greetings, and it’s crazy scary cool. Each member has transformed into a “villain” for their newest concept.

So, here are 8+ new HD photos of all of the members in 2022 Season’s Greetings

1. RM (Mad Scientist)

We would go mad for this scientist!

RM | @bangtan.official/Facebook

2. Jin (Shadow Hacker)

Come on, Jin, don’t be shy and hack Ticketmaster for us, bestie.

Jin | @bangtan.official/Facebook

3. Suga (Gray Pianist)

We think he’s pretty grand!

Suga | @bangtan.official/Facebook

4. J-Hope (Mystic Strategist)

Hopefully, he has a map because we just keep getting lost in his eyes.

J-Hope | @bangtan.official/Facebook

5. Jimin (Alley Cat)

He’s stolen our hearts!

Jimin | @bangtan.official/Facebook

6. V (Fate Reader)

The future always looks bright with V in it.

V | @bangtan.official/Facebook

7. Jungkook (Action-taker)

Hear us out… The Bodyguard remake with Jungkook.

Jungkook | @bangtan.official/Facebook

8. OT7

RockTan is back and here to stay!

| @bangtan.official/Facebook
From left: Jimin, Jungkook, V, and J-Hope | @bangtan.official/Facebook
From left: Jin, RM, and Suga | @bangtan.official/Facebook

Check out the full preview for BTS’s 2022 Season’s Greetings below:

Source: @bangtan.official