Here Are 20+ New HD Photos Of Evil BTS For “2022 Season’s Greetings”

Villains have never looked so handsome! 😍

BTS as villains is something we never know we needed…until now! Each member is completely immersed in their evil-doer role for “2022 Season’s Greetings” and bad has never looked so good. Check out the stunning photos from Naver Post below!

1. RM

According to this Mad Scientist, people call him a genius or a “weirdo.”

“Isn’t it interesting? Whether this will be poison or medicine is up to me.”

2. Jin

ARMYs wouldn’t mind letting this Shadow Hacker steal their info!

“There’s no password that can’t be cracked…for me, at least.” 

3. Suga

As a Gray Pianist, he just wants to be remembered.

“There are two types of music in the world: Good music and bad music.”

4. J-Hope

This Mystic Strategist will find the answers.

“If the basics are solid, the road will naturally open.”

5. Jimin

Jimin went from Calico cat to Alley Cat!

“I like pretty and shiny things, that’s why I like you.”

6. V

As a Fate Reader, V knows the future.

“You can’t change your destiny, but I can help.”

7. Jungkook

Jungkook doesn’t sit around — He’s an Action-Taker!

“I don’t even start if it’s not going to be perfect.”

8. Units

The Alley Cat teamed up with the Fate Reader…

…while the Action-Taker, Shadow Hacker, and Mad Scientist conspired.

The Gray Pianist joined the Mystic Strategist.

9. Group

Seven villains who make evil look way too good!

10. Selfies

Check out each member’s devilishly cute selfie below!

Source: Naver Post