BTS Send Messages To Their Younger Trainee Selves… And They’re Wise AF

“Stop playing games…”

In a recent Japanese interview “BTS JOURNEY~7人の旅~”, BTS members sat down to take turns talking about their careers, accomplishments, and future plans. Here’s how each member responded when the interviewer asked to share messages, or “words of advice”, to their younger trainee selves in the past.

1. Jin

Jin said he would push his trainee self to practice harder. But more importantly, he would remind his young self to stay good-hearted.

I think I’d tell myself about where I am now. I’d share that I end up getting to perform in front of a lot of people… so that I need to practice even more. I’d also ask myself to be good so I’d never be ashamed.

— Jin

2. Suga

Suga, on the other hand, said he wouldn’t try to change a single thing about his trainee days — as he believed the good and the bad both built him.

I wouldn’t say anything — I’d just watch from afar. Yes, I went through both good and bad in the past. But those moments built me the way I am today. So as soon as I try to change something by telling my past self anything, I would not be the same. And knowing me from my trainee days, I think I would’ve become super lazy if I shared how far I get.

— Suga

3. J-Hope

J-Hope reassured his trainee self that everything will be okay…

Hey, trust yourself as you are. And keep going forward. I’d like to tell myself that. I don’t think I’d tell myself about how far I get though. I’d lose motivation. Anyway, do what you want. Whatever you want!

— J-Hope

4. RM

… while RM criticized his trainee self that there is no time to be wasted!

Stop playing games. Instead, use that time to play more piano and practice dancing — like popping.

— RM

5. Jimin

Jimin didn’t specify exactly what kind of constructive criticism he would tell his trainee self — but ARMYs, knowing Jimin, can almost hear it.

I think I’d tell me things that could serve as motivation. Looking back, I think I lacked as a trainee. So… I’d probably give a lot of constructive criticism so I could have become a better version of me.

— Jimin

6. V

V said he would motivate his trainee self to try writing more songs early on.

Well, there are so many good songs out right now… so I’d advise myself to work on an original track that would also become a masterpiece.

— V

7. Jungkook

Last but not least, Jungkook also opted not to say anything to his young trainee self — because he believed the process of growing up made him the man he is today!

I thought I’d want to give helpful advice… but I also might want to stay quiet, even if I could say something. That old version of me is why I am who I am right now. So I probably don’t want to change anything.

— Jungkook

Watch the members dish out A+ advice to themselves:

Source: THEQOO