10 Slang Words BTS Probably Learned From ARMY

The members are learning more Internet English every day.

BTS‘s members are learning more English every day, including these 10 slang terms they may have learned from their fans.


1. SMH

When an ARMY made this stan post for Bang Si Hyuk on Weverse, V replied with “smh”. This means “shaking my head”.


2. Let’s get this bread!

In 2019, Jungkook made it his mission to learn more English. The important English. The “let’s get this bread” English.


“Let’s get this bread” refers to the daily grind and hustle, getting the job done. “Bread” is “dough”, slang for money. So, “let’s get this bread” roughly translates to “let’s earn this money”.



V isn’t just learning today’s internet slang, like “smh”. He also recently used “rofl”, or “rolling on the floor laughing”.


Like this fan said, “rofl” has been around for…a while.


4. Couch potato

If you’re a couch potato, you’re lazy AF. You want to live your life on cushions, watching K-Dramas, and snoozing.


Suga loves to sleep, so are we surprised he knows this slang? Not at all.


5. Bloody

“Bloody” is British slang meaning “very”. At one time, it was a controversial swear word, but these days it’s considered a mild expletive or intensifier. Suga left everybody shook when he said, “you guys are bloody hot” at a concert.


6. My power

“My power”, “the power”, “his power”, etc, is most commonly used on Twitter to express how influential someone is. Jungkook’s “power” is often talked about whenever he causes a product to sell out.


7. Aye, that ain’t how we do it, for real

RM combined a whole bunch of slang words (“aye” “ain’t”, “how we do it”, and “for real”) when he said this to J-Hope on stage.


8. Legit

RM used “legit”, meaning legitimate or “the real thing”, at a concert in Australia.


9. OMG

OMG means “Oh my God” or “Oh my gosh”. It can be used to express many feelings, including surprise or irritation. In this context, V was using “OMG” in a positive way.


This was one of the earliest English slang terms BTS learned and they use it often.


10. Let’s get it!

When ARMYs hear this, most probably think of Jungkook. “Let’s get it!” means “let’s go for it” or “let’s do this”. It’s one of Jungkook’s catchphrases, but some of the other members have started saying it too.