BTS Chooses Which BTS Song Represents Each Member 

They picked the perfect theme songs for each other.

BTS have hundreds of songs, and every single one reflects the group’s thoughts, experiences, and personalities.


In BTS’s new interview with AskAnythingChat, a fan asked, “If the member on your left side is a song, what song would he be?” Here are their answers!


1. RM

For RM, Jin chose “MIC Drop,” a powerful hip-hop track about BTS being at the top of their game. Trophies? Billboard awards? BTS has these achievements in the bag, and more!

2. V

It might come as a surprise (or not) that RM chose “DDAENG,” a rap line song, for this vocalist. V is a huge fan of RM, Suga, and J-Hope‘s rapping, and he loves to rap too, whenever he gets the chance!

3. Jimin

V also chose a rap line song, “UGH,” for vocalist Jimin. Jimin seemed slightly surprised, but there’s no doubt that fans would love to hear him cover it. “Rapper Jimin” made headlines when he rapped “Tony Montana” with Agust D (aka Suga) at BTS’s third Muster in 2016.

4. Jungkook

Jimin chose the perfect song for BTS’s youngest member, their eternal Golden Maknae, Jungkook. He picked “Epilogue: Young Forever.”

5. J-Hope

Jungkook took a while to choose a song for J-Hope, but he ended up agreeing with Jin’s suggestion. They picked BTS’s new song “Butter” to represent their yellow-bright, sizzling sunshine, J-Hope!

6. Suga and Jin

Instead of waiting for J-Hope to give Suga a song, Jungkook exclaimed, “Yoongi!” making everyone laugh. If Jin was given a representative song, his answer was not included in the video.

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