Here Are 10 Times BTS Proved They Spy On ARMYs

#7 shows how much they lurk!

Watch what you say online, because the BTS might just see it! Check out 10 times they proved they’re pro lurkers below.

1. When Jin used this hilarious edit an ARMY posted

A fan created this edit of Jin…

…and shortly after, BTS’s official account posted it!

2. When J-Hope listened to lyric videos from fan YouTube accounts

He’s streaming right from ARMYs.

3. When BTS printed out these edits made by fans

All of their Billboard HOT 100 #1’s were edited together and made the perfect background for their shoot.

4. When they released their own “Study with BTS” after a fan had already created a popular one

They’re the best study buddies!

5. When they made a helpful flow chart inspired by ARMYs

This was seriously so helpful.

6. When RM actually admitted to lurking through ARMY’s posts

Sometimes I scroll online but don’t interact with posts

— RM

7. When V admitted he chose blue hair after seeing ARMYs hair edits

It was a great choice!

8. When Jimin danced with this photo

They knew ARMYs fell for this boyfriend material pic!

9. When J-Hope was aware of the Yoonji memes

We’re totally busted.

10. When they liked ARMYs tweets

Whether on purpose or not, they’re looking!