10 Times BTS’s Staff Parented Their Chaotic “Kids” On Camera

From managers to stylists, these BigHit “parents” work tireless to keep their “kids” under control.

BTS and their staff are more like family than coworkers. They’ve shared many heartwarming moments over the years, but also a lot of hilarious ones. In fact, sometimes the staff seem like “parents” trying to keep their chaotic “kids” in check! Here are 10 moments that every real parent can relate to.


1. When they called J-Hope out for cheating during a game


2. When they told Jungkook to get out of the pool, or else


3. When they had to get up on stage to interrupt Jin’s playtime


4. When they gave V a look that translated to “put your phone away now”


5. When they gave this “son” permission to go on a ride one more time


6. When their hearts melted for this  “baby boy’s” aegyo


7. When they made this “child’s” day by pushing him around in a stroller, er, cart…


8. When they decided not to let V eat any candy


9. When their mere presence put a stop to the infamous “what’s tasty in Busan?” tangent and got all the members back on their best behavior


10. When they got so used to their kids’ craziness that things like this stopped phasing them entirely