Here Are 10 Epic Moments When BTS’s Stage Effects Were Perfectly Timed 

#2 is crazy!

BTS‘s performances are on a grand scale, which means their stage effects are on another level. Check out 10 moments their effects were so flawlessly timed, you have to see it to believe it!

1. J-Hope becoming Poseidon during “Just Dance”

A king and a God!

2. When V became a Firebender from “Avatar”

Let the sparks fly.

3. Jungkook seemingly breaking the screen behind him

His power could be felt throughout the entire stadium.

4. When Jimin stood up as the light turned on

The angel has stepped foot onto the stage.

5. The light beams becoming backup dancers for BTS during “ON”

Now you see them…now you don’t!

6. J-Hope and Jungkook jumping like actors in an action movie

The lights flicker before they jump down to save the world!

7. When V changed from night mode to day mode

One shift in his expression and the whole atmosphere changes.

8. J-Hope shooting a beam of light with his smile

It’s true — That handsome smile will light up your life!

9. When BTS themselves became the stage effects

A legendary moment for choreography.

10. When V did this

One snap of his fingers and who knows what will happen!