10+ ARMYs Who Will Probably Fail School After Studying With BTS

How can anyone concentrate?

Today, BTS surprised fans with a live study session on their YouTube channel, BANGTANTV. If Big Hit Music was hoping to encourage fans to study, well, let’s just say this video had the opposite effect!

J-Hope studying.

For 21 minutes and 50 seconds, fans ditched their assignments to study true “art,” and it was definitely worth it.

1. Worldwide Handsome 101

2. This very important question.

3. My heart!

4. Studying? Not today!

5. Nobody’s getting any work done…

6. Zeros all around!

7. La, la, la, la, la…

8. Look at him!

9. This is a problem…

10. Why not both?

11. Betraying your grades like:

12. Expectation vs Reality

13. Vincenzo is all of us.