Big Hit Copies ARMY’s Homework With “Study With BTS” Video

They understood the assignment.

BTS surprised ARMYs today with a sudden countdown for a new YouTube video titled “Study with BTS.” They are hoping to encourage ARMY to study in preparation for Sunseung, the upcoming national college entrance exam in Korea.

After about 5 minutes, Jimin appeared on the screen to study with ARMY. He alternated between looking at whatever he was working on and looking at ARMY, totally making us feel like we were with a friend who would so rather be hanging out than studying (honestly, same).

Jimin | BANGTANTV/YouTube

After a few minutes, Jin also appeared to study. Unlike Jimin, who was pretty quiet, Jin occasionally talked about what he was doing.


J-Hope also seems like a great person to study with because he’s so positive and encouraging!

J-Hope | BANGTANTV/YouTube

While Suga is certainly great company, he appeared very focused on his studies. This makes him a great motivator!

Suga | BANGTANTV/YouTube

But, we all would want RM as our study buddy. He would not only encourage us to study, but he would help us with any assignment questions. That high IQ would come in clutch!


Maknae Jungkook appeared to be copying book notes to his laptop. Honestly, we’re not entirely sure… It was hard to focus on anything other than him.

Jungkook | BANGTANTV/YouTube

V was the final member to join the study session. Unlike us, he was focused and attentively writing the entire time.


Still, there was something strangely familiar about this whole thing… Its style is a lot like the “STUDY WITH BTS” videos made by ARMY, in which they edit clips from BTS members’ live broadcasts to look like they are studying with viewers on a Zoom call.

Big Hit was literally like, “I’ll copy ARMY’s homework, but I won’t make it too obvious…” 

Either way, it’s all still a great motivation to study.

Actually, we take that back. The only thing we will be studying is BTS themselves.

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Watch the “Study with BTS” video below: