10 Raw And Emotional Reactions To BTS Suga’s Portrayal Of His Traumatic Past In Agust D’s “Amygdala” MV

Get your tissues ready for #6. 😭

Agust D‘s new music video for “Amygdala” showcases the true past of BTS‘s Suga. The raw portrayal of his life events and emotions has left ARMYs with all kinds of feelings. Check out some of the reactions below.

1. Suga bravely portrayed his past traumas in the music video.

He included the emotional scene of his accident back when he was a trainee.

2. Both the lyrics and the content of the video will give ARMY a deep look inside some of his past traumatic events.

Things get emotional.

3. Suga’s honesty always inspires us.

We admire and appreciate his courage to be so real!

4. The scene with the almonds has many meanings.

Additionally, the word ‘amygdala’ also derived from the Greek word ‘amygdale,’ meaning ‘almond,’ due to it’s almond-like shape.

5. “I feel so honored, so lucky, to have art from him that bares his soul.”

ARMYs couldn’t be more proud of Suga.

6. The two people in the video represent Agust D and Suga.

In the end, Agust D couldn’t be saved.

7. Here is the differentiation between his two selves.

The scar is extremely symbolic.

8. His sacrifice to bring up bad memories impacts both his life and his art.

In the end, it made him a better person and artist.

9. This video is Suga’s way of showing his trust to ARMY.

BRB, crying.

10. Just like the locus flower he mentions in the lyrics, he will bloom in the end.

Despite the muddy waters, he succeeds.

Watch the full music video below.


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