10 Times BTS’s Suga Annoyed Jimin Just Because He Can

The bickering between these friends is never-ending.

BTS‘s Suga and Jimin are the type of friends who love each other almost as much as they love to annoy each other. Their never-ending bickering is pure entertainment for ARMY, and 50% of the time, Suga instigates it. Here are 10 times he annoyed Jimin just because he can!

1. When he insulted Jimin’s acting

When BTS played Avalon, a social deduction game, Suga called Jimin a bad actor. In response, Jimin just glared. It turns out that Suga wasn’t wrong though; Jimin was the true villain and everyone knew it!

2. When he pretended to play along

Jimin wanted to say, “let’s not go overboard” with Suga on the count of three, but Suga purposely looked away, ignoring him. Could he be more offended?

3. Uncooperative on camera

Jimin tried to convince Suga to take a photo with him, but things didn’t go as planned.

Suga repeatedly ignored him, so he sought out Jin instead.

4. “You look like a grandpa.”

If Suga ever writes a book, it might be called, “How to Annoy a Friend in 5 Seconds or Less”. He did just that when he dissed Jimin’s silver hair. “Old lady hair,” Jimin retorted.

5. Game over!

Jimin had zero luck collecting cards for BTS’s 007 treasure hunting game, and Suga wasn’t about to let that losing streak rub off on him.

At one point, Suga held Jimin’s hand to stop him from finding cards on his own…

…but he ditched Jimin in the end! “I’m breaking up with you. Go away!” Suga said. “You are of no help to me.” 

6. The suspenders’ sneak attack

In a photoshoot, Jungkook snapped Jimin’s suspenders as hard as he could. A moment later, Suga snapped them too, because why not?

Before Jimin could exact revenge, Suga took off his suspenders. Justice was not served that day.

7. The endless tirade of teasing

When BTS played games in Episode 86 of Run BTS! Suga repeatedly needled Jimin by teasing him nonstop.

“You didn’t get a single [answer]. Is it hard?” Suga said, just to bait him.

8. No hearts for you!

Speaking of teasing, everybody from Jimin’s members to the staff was out to tease him in Episode 79 of Run BTS!. When a Game Master swindled him out of his heart stickers, Jimin looked to Suga for help. Help Jimin? Why would he?

9. This irritating imitation

Suga really got under Jimin’s skin when he mocked him during a guessing game. In reply, Jimin imitated him like this.

10. “Did you leave the stove on at home?”

When Jimin’s timing was off for BTS’s “In the SOOP” song, Suga sarcastically asked him if he was in a rush to leave. Jimin told his “ultimate nemesis”, “Your sense of humor is too old.” 


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