BTS In Avalon: A Tale Of Trolling, Betrayals, And “Bad” Acting

BTS played mind games on their quest to save (or kill?) Merlin.

Are you ready for an adventure? Then pick up your sword and join BTS on their quest to bring Run BTS‘s chaotic energy to In the SOOP!

In the behind the scenes for Episode 8 of In the SOOP, BTS played an Arthurian-themed, deductive reasoning game that shares similarities with Mafia. At the beginning of the game, the host (Jin) handed out a character card to each Avalon player.

Some of the characters were good, like Percival, and others were evil, like Mordred. Through a series of quests, players had to sniff out the assassin planning to kill Merlin and deduce Merlin’s identity.

As expected, BTS played mind games from beginning to end. RM accused V of being a “troll” because he repeatedly rejected quests and ditched his own handpicked team!

J-Hope is notoriously bad at keeping a poker face, which led his members to believe he was “good”…

…at first. The more quests they embarked on, the more suspicious they became.

Jungkook (aka Mordred) spent most of the game trying to figure out how to play it, but RM saw right through him. Naturally, Jungkook protested his innocence with an outraged, satoori accent.

Like Jungkook, Jimin wasn’t fooling anyone with his acting. As they suspected, he was evil. In fact, he was the assassin sent to kill Merlin (RM)!

Who knew that a card game could be this wild?


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