6 Of BTS Suga’s Best “Back In My Day” Stories

This “old man” loves talking about the old days.

Suga is only 27 years old, but he’s already a grandpa on the inside. Whenever this “old man” gets the chance, he regales BTS with tales from his youth. Here are 6 of his best “back in my day” moments so far.

1. How to play Top Blade

In Episode 96 of Run BTS!, Suga took a trip down memory lane while BTS was building battle tops for Top Blade (Beyblade). Back in his day, kids played the game differently.

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RM, who isn’t much younger than Suga, called him out for being an old man by saying, “latte is horse.”

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“Latte is horse” (나 때는 말이야 “natte-neun maliya“) is similar to “Ok, boomer.” It’s what young Koreans say to older people who are complaining about today’s youth or pulling a “back in my day”.

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2. Old School Rules

When Teacher Jin took away Jimin‘s phone for taking selfies in class, Suga brought up this memory from his school days.

3. When I was your age…

In Episode 7 of I-LAND, BTS guested on the show as mentors. Although they are technically sunbaes (“seniors”) to the trainees, and Jin went into full grandpa mode by talking about what their practice rooms used to be like.

When RM jokingly told them to stop talking like old men, V immediately went over the oldest of old men, Suga. He told him not to do any of his “back in my day” talks. Suga playfully said, “I’m just remembering the old days.” 

4. The Analog Age

Suga is about fifty years older on the inside than he is on the outside. He proved it, yet again, with this “kids today” moment.

He made the pre-digital age sound like the stone age!

5. Cassette tapes

Speaking of analog, Suga has some opinions about today’s youth and cassette tapes.

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If kids today don’t know about cassettes, then what’s this about?

6. Karaoke lessons

Suga compared the karaoke of today to the karaoke of his day when BTS sang for their FESTA event, MAP OF THE SONG.