BTS Jimin’s Whole Class Snitched On Him For Breaking The Rules

It was every student for himself in Teacher Jin’s class.

Jin loves to break Big Hit Entertainment‘s rules, but his rules must be followed at all times!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

In Episode 112 of Run BTS, Teacher Jin was put in charge of an unruly class of students who tested his patience and questioned his authority.

He let the class get away with giving him attitude, but using phones was a big no-no. When Jin caught Jimin taking selfies, he shouted, “No selfies!” at the top of his lungs.

Did Jimin’s classmates cover for him? Heck no.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

They threw him under the bus faster than you can say, “snitch”!

According to J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook were using Jimin’s phone to go on the Weverse app.

“How dare you take a selfie in class?” Jin said when Jimin handed in his phone. Back in Suga‘s school days, teachers could confiscate their students’ phones for two whole weeks.

This was the first time a teacher had taken Jimin’s phone away in ten years, but it probably won’t be the last!


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