BTS’s Suga: 9 New Things We Learned About Him On His 30th Birthday

#8 is the most exciting! 👀

BTS‘s Suga recently held his birthday livestream, and he revealed some new facts about himself! Check out what we learned about Suga on his birthday below.

1. Holly’s doing well, but he doesn’t see him much lately.

Hopefully, next time he visits home, the two can spend some quality time together!

2. His mom is a total “long-haired Suga enthusiast.”

She’s just like ARMY!

3. All he wants for his birthday is for his fans to be happy.

He’s always so humble and full of gratitude.

4. This year, he received alcohol as birthday presents from different people.

It must be due to his new show, Suchwita!

5. He always carries around a hair elastic to put his hair up while he works out.

We adore his cute pony tail.

6. Now that Suga’s 30, he realizes he thought he would be in his twenties forever.

However, the best is yet to come!

7. He’s impressed by his own Special Photo-folio, ‘Wholly or Whole me,” and loves how it turned out.

We can definitely agree on this one.

8. Lately, he’s been practicing for his solo tour.

It’s coming soon!

9. His guitar skills and gorgeous singing voice are on point.

Wait, we already knew this!