Big Hit Releases 20 Photos Of BTS’s Suga Throughout The Past Year To Celebrate His Birthday

Behind-the-scenes moments and more!

In honor of Suga‘s birthday, BTS posted 20 photos of his most important moments throughout the previous year. Check out all of the amazing things Suga has accomplished while you celebrate his special day!

1. At a photoshoot for “Seasons Greetings 2021”

ARMY will patiently wait for the return of Mullet Suga!

2. In his personalized BE room

He’s cool as ice.

3. Chuckling in an interview with iHeartRadio

Hopefully, fans will be able to be this close to him again soon!

4. Chilling out during “Dynamite”

The retro look is his best look yet.

5. An intimate moment during a performance

“Life Goes On” with Suga by our side.

6. Ringing in 2021 with a “New Year’s Eve: LIVE” photoshoot

The party doesn’t start until he has his balloons.

7. Owning a suit like it’s nobody’s business

We can watch him perform forever.

8. Taking a moment backstage

He does the cutest “peace sign” ever!

9. Slaying a magazine cover

Suga’s next career: Modeling!

10. Goofing off behind-the-scenes

Could he BE any more precious?!

11. Looking dreamy, as always

Thinking little meow meow thoughts.

12. Performing “Respect” with RM

They’re throwing it back to the days of old-school hip-hop vibes.

13. Acting like a tourist during “Season’s Greetings 2021”

ARMY, will you help him find his way?

14. Agust D gets ready for the “Daechwita” MV shoot

All hail the king!

15. “Like an echo in the forest, the day will come back around…”

…where ARMY can see Suga’s performance!

16. Showing his deep side during “Black Swan”

He never thought he’d be doing modern dance, but he kills it.

17. Showing off his dual charms in “Daechwita”

Rebellious Suga is here to dethrone the king.

18. Practicing his swordsman skills

We need more of this ASAP.

19. Strumming on his guitar

He’s the boyfriend of your dreams.

20. Showing off his swag during “Dynamite”

He knows what he’s doing to fans!

Source: Bangtan.Official/Facebook