15 Reasons Why BTS’s Suga Is More Cat Than Human Being

He’s actually a kitty in human form. Meow!

Fans don’t call BTS‘s Suga “Lil Meow Meow” for nothing. He shares a surprising number of similarities with felines that make him seem like a cat in human form! Here are 10 reasons why.


1. Like a cat, Suga loves affection…


2. …if he’s in the mood for it.


3. When he wants to play, he’ll play. When he doesn’t…


4. …hiss! 


5. Cat-like reflexes? He’s got them.


6. Oh, and he likes to sleep. A lot.


7. He doesn’t mind being petted or snuggled…


8. …sometimes.


9. Here’s how he feels about water:


10. He’s smol enough to be picked up and carried around the house.


11. His claws come out when you’re least expecting it.


12. Sometimes, he purs…


13. …and purposely knocks things over.


14. He may be 50% fluff and 50% attitude…


15. …but once you win him over, he’ll be your friend for life!