BTS’s Suga Has A Cute Twitter Habit When It Comes To Cold Weather

Gives ARMYs something to look forward to on a cold winter day!

Even though BTS has been busy with all their own personal Instagram accounts, Suga dusted off the cobwebs on Twitter making millions of ARMYs’ days.

| Vogue Korea

The “Daechwita” rapper posted a selfie noting how cold the weather was. And we’ve noticed it’s not the first time he’s posted a selfie when talking about the cold weather!

Suga’s cute habit of taking a selfie and tweeting about the weather has millions of ARMYs smiling at their phones each time!

Look at his past tweets down below.

1. 2015

“It’s cold, really cold.”

2. 2015 pt.2

“My, it’s cold.”

3. 2015 pt.3

“wow, it’s so cold. make sure to dress warmly when you come everyone.”

4. 2016

“it’s cold, isn’t it?”

5. 2017

“it’s very cold today.”

6. 2022

“It’s cold, really cold ❄️

ARMYs were definitely excited to see Suga take to Twitter after it being a bit quiet on BTS’s group Twitter account.

How cute is he? Let’s hope he keeps them coming! Check out what BTS is doing on social media below:

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