BTS’s Suga Is Finally Testing Out The Commenting Feature On Instagram Just To Ask RM For Advice

And like the great leader he is, RM responded quickly!

It’s not every day BTS‘s Suga posts on Instagram.

In fact, it’s actually quite rare. He went a couple of weeks without posting until he updated us with this teaser for the upcoming 7FATES: CHAKHO OST.

There are even some features he’s yet to use. Until today, this included even just commenting on a post.


Now, he’s tested out the commenting feature on Instagram… so that he could ask RM for advice.


Recently, RM posted a namjooning post. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. He regularly updates with photos of his adventures, frequenting art museums.

Whether it was the cute cat…

| @rkive/Instagram

…or RM’s cool fashion sense in his signature sweatpants…

| @rkive/Instagram

Suga was summoned somehow, and he commented. A bit unrelated to the original post, but he wondered what size of RM’s “Artist-Made” jogger pants he needs.

RM, what size joggers would I wear?

— Suga

Screenshot on January 18, 2022. | @agustd/Instagram

| @SoIntoJoon/Twitter

Shortly after, RM responded with helpful advice. He suggested that since he himself wears an Extra-Large, Suga go with a Large, knowing their size difference.

I’m an XL so hyung you’d be an L.

— RM

Screenshot on January 18, 2022. | @rkive/Instagram

Still, he couldn’t help but wonder why Suga didn’t just message him directly instead of commenting publicly on his unrelated post.

Hyung, you could have asked me this in KakaoTalk hahaha.

— RM

Screenshot on January 18, 2022. | @rkive/Instagram

Similarly, J-Hope recently tagged RM on his Instagram Stories to ask him if he knew the artist of an art piece. Of course, like the considerate and helpful leader, RM quickly responded with an answer!  Read more here:

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Check out RM and Suga’s size difference below:

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Source: @rkive