BTS RM’s Latest Self-Designed Merch Pictures Are Driving ARMYs Crazy, And We Can’t Blame Them

Something about RM in sweatpants hits differently…

As well as being extremely talented and charismatic, it is undeniable that the members of BTS are true visuals. It seems like a day doesn’t go by without ARMYs worldwide sharing their love and appreciation for the members.

Recently, one member who has been driving the internet crazy with his visuals is leader RM.


The members have been showcasing their creative side by releasing their own self-designed merchandise. As expected, RM didn’t disappoint as he released a beautiful windchime and a pair of very comfy-looking sweatpants.

| @HYBE_MERCH/ Twitter
| @HYBE_MERCH/ Twitter

After a battle to try and purchase the merchandise, ARMYs worldwide have started to receive their products from the members. Alongside V, Suga, and Jin’s merchandise, fans also started to get RM’s in the post.

Many have praised the beautiful packaging, amazing quality, and intricate details…

| @nini_aRchive247/ Twitter

But there’s something ARMYs are talking about more, that’s RM’s visuals! Alongside the beautiful merchandise, the products came with photos of the members with their designs and, of course, photocards!

Although RM looked great sitting showing off his beautiful windchime, something else caught the attention of ARMYs…

| @nini_aRchive247/ Twitter
| @cokodive/ Twitter

Something hit differently about seeing RM dressed in his jogging bottoms. Whether it was the fact he looked so damn good or that it just radiated boyfriend vibes, there is no denying that RM looked fine AF.

| @jjimini_luv7/ Twitter
| @SoIntoJoon/ Twitter

Of course, ARMYs didn’t miss those small details, and “Kim Namjoon” started trending worldwide with ARMYs sharing their fangirling about the pictures. Unsurprisingly, the consensus was the same amongst many fans who had received their merchandise.

In particular, many couldn’t get over the angle of the sweatpants photocard… which was definitely unique and too much for ARMYs.

It isn’t the first time RM has impressed ARMYs (and sent them into meltdown) with his pictures wearing grey sweatpants. There seems to be something about RM wearing loungewear that just creates magic!

It isn’t surprising that RM continues to shock ARMYs with his visuals because he has a combination of visuals, charisma, and talent, which is a truly deadly combination.

You can read more about all of RM’s merch below.

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