6 Times The BTS Members Mentioned Suga’s Iconic Dad

Yes, he really said #2!

The BTS members always find a way to bring up some of their best inside jokes in any conversation. Many of those jokes include things that only they know about and range from personal stories to imitating each other. On occasion, the members have brought up Suga‘s dad for some of his most iconic quotes. Check out some of the funniest moments they mentioned him below!

1. Suga’s dad has a nickname for Jungkook.

This is how close they all are!

2. His dad can’t stop asking him about marriage.

There are many willing ARMYs!

3. His house = His dad’s house.

He influences every decision!

4. The iconic imitation

The members burst out laughing.

5. He even made it into “In The Seom.”

Only true ARMYs get the references.

6. Suga had to imitate his dad, too.

He does it best!


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