10 Things BTS’s Suga Is An Absolute Genius At Doing

The words “Suga” and “genius” describe him perfectly.

BTS‘s Suga once said that the words “Suga” and “genius” were enough to describe him. On March 9, he turns another year older, so in honor of his birthday, here are 10 things Suga is a proven genius at!


1. Predicting the future

Suga wasn’t given the nickname “Minstradamus” for nothing! He’s proved his genius by predicting BTS’s achievements many times, including their Grammys appearance.


2. Composition and producing

This talented producer has nearly 100 song copyright credits, including BTS’s “Sea”, “I NEED U”, and his solo track “The Last”. In 2017, he won an award with Suran for producing her track “Wine”.


3. English (secretly)

Suga understands much more English than he speaks. His language skills have taken fans, and his members, by surprise many times. Right after RM said that none of the members can speak English, Suga contradicted him (in English) by telling the interviewer how much he enjoyed watching her videos.

He also translated part of Jimin‘s birthday card before RM did!


4. Pick up lines

“You know BTS? Billboard singer.”

— Suga

“Yeah, I’m a bad boy.”

— Suga


5. Savagery

Suga doesn’t hold back when it comes to being savage. One of his most genius moments was when he dropped his mic to prove BTS doesn’t lip sync.


6. Aegyo

Suga may look cold, but fans know he’s a squishy marshmallow on the inside! His aegyo proves it.


7. Cheating at games

Suga’s methods are sneaky, creative, and always — genius!


8. Modeling

Suga once said that he knows he takes good pictures. “Good” is an understatement!


9. Rapping

Nobody spits bars like the one and only Agust D!


10. Last, but not least, Suga is a genius at…stealing hearts!