Here Are 4 Of BTS Suga’s Habits That Only Observant ARMYs Notice

Did you realize #3?

BTS‘s Suga has the cutest quirks and if you have spotted any of these little habits before, consider yourself a true ARMY!

1. Pouting to one side

You may not have noticed how Suga’s lips twitch to one side…

…but once you spot him do the cute habit, you can’t unsee it!

It’s one of a kind and extremely adorable — Just like Suga!

He might not even realize it himself, but ARMYs catch everything.

2. Rubbing his chest and stomach

If you noticed this one, then you have a real knack for the small details!

Suga does this one all the time, whether he’s listening…

…or is deep in thought!

Yep, his belly is still there!

3. Laughing with his shoulders

Giggling is Suga’s specialty!

Whenever he laughs, he can’t help but shake his shoulders.

It’s like his laughter travels through his whole body!

Nothing is as healing as watching him crack up!

4. Scrunching his nose

He scrunches his nose to look cute for ARMYs…

…and take the most precious selfies!

He can also use it to show his “anger” — Check out how scary he is!

Sometimes, it might even help him get to his snack, like when he tried to eat this gummy worm!