5 Times BTS’s Suga Gave Heartwarming Advice

Suga’s advice to V will touch your heart.

BTS is always giving great advice, and one member, in particular, who does this is Suga. Throughout the years, there have been many moments where Suga gave heartwarming advice. Here are 5 of these moments.

1. Suga’s message to students about to take the CSAT

The CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test, also known as the Suneung) is considered a big deal in Korea, and many even say that it determines a person’s life.

However, Suga believes that this test is just a part of someone’s life and isn’t something that determines everything.

Suga advised students that they shouldn’t feel too discouraged if they don’t get a good score.

2. Suga’s message to fans who want to diet

Whenever ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) tell Suga that they’re on a diet, he makes sure to give them a positive message. One time, Suga told those who were dieting that they didn’t need to lose weight and that they looked great just the way they are.

3. Suga’s kind advice to V

In the official fan club magazine for Japanese ARMYs, Suga sent loving messages to all the members. However, his message to V was quite the heartwarming one. Suga began his message by praising V for how hard he has worked.

I think you grew so much. I know for a fact that you’ve given it your best and you’ve tried your hardest.

— Suga

Suga also expressed to V that he shouldn’t be too hard on himself when it comes to things like mistakes.

But I don’t think you feel the same way, Taehyung (V’s real name). I’m afraid you’re focusing on your flaws and turning them into your weaknesses. There is no need to dwell on the mistakes made in the past. It’s okay to just do you.

— Suga

4. Suga’s opinion on being in a slump

When BTS guested on KBS Cool FM Kim Seong Joo‘s Gayo Plaza, a fan sent a message, asking the members if they ever experienced a slump.

Suga answered the question by saying that he experiences a slump every time they produce an album. However, Suga doesn’t view being in a slump as a bad thing. Suga believes that it’s a time where people can improve themselves and reflect on their own confidence.

People see being in a slump as a bad thing. But I personally think it is a time when you can improve yourself. It’s a time when you can reflect on your own confidence.

— Suga

5. Suga’s message to those without a dream

While many believe that it’s important for someone to have a dream, Suga doesn’t think this way. For Suga, a person’s happiness is more important than them having a dream.