BTS’s Suga Leaves Wise Words Of Advice For V But Ends Up Inspiring ARMYs Too

“It’s okay to just do you.”

In the official fan club magazine for Japanese ARMYs, BTS‘s Suga took some time to send out loving messages to each of the members. While all of his messages are full of love and support, his words of wisdom for V in particular are resonating with ARMYs.


In his message, Suga first praised V for having come so far, so long. As a hyung (older brother) and a teammate, Suga watched V grow and mature into a strong man and idol. For Suga, that was more than enough…

I think you grew so much. I know for a fact that you’ve given it your best and you’ve tried your hardest.

— Suga


… but he also knew for V, it wasn’t. So Suga encouraged V to stop beating himself up over the insignificant.

But I don’t think you feel the same way, Taehyung. I’m afraid you’re focusing on your flaws and turning them into your weaknesses.

— Suga


Suga suggested V to let go, move on, embrace everything about himself — including the past mistakes, and simply do as he heart desires. This “you do you” piece of advice is now actively touching the hearts of ARMYs all over the world who are learning to love themselves as they come!

There is no need to dwell on the mistakes made in the past. It’s okay to just do you.

— Suga


With this kind of eternal support he gets from Suga, it is no wonder V loves him so much…


… and even though Suga acts like he’s not too fond of the public display of affection…


… he obviously loves V very, very much too!

Source: Twitter