BTS’s Suga Wants J-Hope To Count On The Members To Be His Support System

“If you ever feel even remotely tired, exhausted, and down…”

In the official Japanese fan club magazine, BTS’s Suga left J-Hope a sincere, heartfelt message and ARMYs are entirely moved by the depth of their brotherhood.


The message started off as Suga called J-Hope the “Mood Maker” of BTS. With his ever-so optimistic spirit and positive energy, J-Hope has indeed been acting as the group’s eternal ray of sunshine.

You’re BTS’s mood maker, always picking everyone up.

— Suga


Then, Suga continued to explain that he is worried for J-Hope. Suga pointed out that he fears J-Hope wouldn’t feel like he “is allowed to be exhausted”.

But it worries me, because I fear you might think that you have to keep living up to that. I worry that when you’re feeling exhausted, you might feel like you don’t have anyone with whom to share that side of you.

— Suga


Finally, Suga reassured J-Hope that the members will, no matter what, be there for him by his side and so that J-Hope should feel free to always reach out when he’s down. With that said, ARMYs also genuinely hope that J-Hope can find refuge with the members when he isn’t feeling too much like himself.

If you ever feel even remotely tired, exhausted, and down, I really want you to please let the members know.

— Suga


ARMYs are glad to see the members stay rooted for one another, acting as each other’s super-strength support system. It is undoubtedly this kind of bond and brotherhood that made their success possible!

Source: THEQOO