4 Times BTS’s Suga Looked Out For Others And Had The Heart Of An Angel

Suga once carried J-Hope to the emergency room!

BTS‘s Suga has been praised many times for his kind personality, and there have been many moments where Suga looked out for others and had the heart of an angel. Here are 4 of these moments.

1. Helping former Big Hit Music trainee Jihoon when he was sick

Jihoon, also known as Brightoon from his YouTube channel Brightoon TV, is a former Big Hit Music (BTS’s agency) trainee who once trained alongside the BTS members. In a video, he spoke about the kind thing Suga did for him when he got sick.

BTS’s Suga

Jihoon shared that one day, he got sick after eating some gwamegi. Jihoon woke up multiple times during the night, and he even threw up several times.

Suddenly in the middle of the night, Suga came to check on Jihoon and saw how sick he was. Suga soon called a taxi and took Jihoon to the hospital.

Jihoon ended up spending the night at the hospital, and Suga was with him the whole night! Not only that, but Suga filled out the necessary paperwork to get Jihoon the IV he needed, and he paid for Jihoon’s hospital fee with his own money!

To this day, Jihoon is thankful to Suga!

2. His sweet text messages

During the 2018 BTS FESTA, V revealed that he cried for 10 minutes after receiving a touching text message from Suga!

BTS’s V and Suga

Suga sent V a long text message, and at the end of it, he wrote, “I love you.” 

The members were surprised when V shared this, saying that Suga usually doesn’t send messages like that.

However, it wasn’t just V who received a message like that from Suga, as Jungkook also received a similar message from Suga!

3. Taking J-Hope to the emergency room

In an interview, Suga spoke about his “unforgettable memory” with J-Hope.

BTS’s Suga and J-Hope

Suga shared that he once took J-Hope to the emergency room! Suga got teased a little bit, as J-Hope said that he had heard this story many times already.

Suga continued and shared that he took J-Hope to the emergency room when he was sick and that he even carried him on his back!

4. Giving food to J-Hope

Suga is always looking out for the members, and this was the case when he and J-Hope had limited food during a show.

Suga and J-Hope didn’t receive much food as a punishment, and Jimin saw that they didn’t have much food, so he gave them a crab. Suga gave the crab to J-Hope and said that he was full just from watching him eat!