BTS Suga’s Former School Teachers And Juniors Have Nothing But Glowing Praises For Him

They’re all very proud of Suga!

BTS‘s Suga is so loved by everybody!

Recently, Daily News visited the idol’s old middle and high school in Daegu, Gwaneum Middle School and Gangbuk High School, respectively.


At the school, the host interviewed Suga’s father off-screen, who revealed how Suga harbored the desire to be a musician ever since the 5th grade, and even asked his father to convert his older brother’s room into a music room for Suga. Suga’s father invested 10 million won stocking the room with state-of-the-art music equipment, and thus helped Suga along into what is now a big, blossoming career.


Upon reaching the school, the host then interviewed the school’s principal Shin Mun Ho, as well as Suga’s 2nd year music teacher.

The school’s principal revealed that Suga finished all his years of middle schooling in Gwaneum Middle School! He also talked about how foreigners would visit the school and take pictures in front of the gate, visit his old classroom, and also take photos where Suga had his graduation photo taken!


The channel then interviewed Suga’s middle school music teacher, who had nothing but glowing praise for him! She revealed how he approached her in his second year of middle school, and asked her to teach him to play the piano! She also talked about how during one of their school festivals, he along with a few of his friends performed a hip hop ensemble, and also produced the entire stage by himself!


The channel then moves to Suga’s high school, Gangbuk High School, where they interviewed Suga’s former high school teacher, Kwon Jae Hwan!


Kwon Jae Hwan revealed that Suga was always a basketball fanatic, and played very well on the school team. He also talked about how Suga was a model student, and despite being very passionate about a music career, never violated school rules or caused chaos to further any of is goals.

Yoongi [Suga’s real name] never violated any school rules. Since it was the old era and it was a boy’s private school, the dress code and hair rules were very strict.

But he has never violated [the rules], giving excuses like he’s doing music, or any such thing. There was no place to learn music in Chilgok [Suga’s hometown]. So until he went to the music academy in the second semester, he studied very hard in the classroom as not to disturb other students.

He would stay awake until dawn to study composition. But he never violated rules with excuses like he was doing music and things like that.

—Kwon Jae Hwan


The video ends with his high school principal, teacher and a junior student all relaying messages of pride, and they also speak of how much of an inspiration Suga is to them!

In his message to Suga, his old high school teacher tells him how proud he is of him, and how much he enjoyed the times they spent together.


You may or may not see this message, but I enjoyed the times we spent together. They’re all good memories now.

Not only me, but your school sunbaes and hoobaes are also very proud of you. Don’t forget your school, Gangbuk High School!

We will always cheer you on and support you! Fighting!

—Kwon Jae Hwan


A student from Gangbuk High School, Park Min Jae, also sent him a video message, where he talks about how much of an inspiration Suga is, and that he’s happy that he comes from Daegu.

Sunbae, you’ve been on Billboard and everything is going well for you. I’m very proud of you, and pray that you finish your journey successfully.

—Park Min Jae


His high school principal, Choi Chang Wook, also relayed a message to Suga:


Suga of BTS, who was a beloved Gangbuk student.

Its good to see you in this video. Thank you for the good work, and I know that you will be at the top of the world.

I will also support BTS Suga’s life, and his music. BTS Fighting!

—Choi Chang Wook



Watch the whole video here!