10 Reasons Why Suga’s New Black Hair Is A Gift To Humanity

This is one gift that fans don’t need a receipt for. Nobody’s returning it. Ever.

Suga crossed over to the dark side for BTS‘s Osaka concert, and nobody was ready for the impact. Although ARMYs love Suga regardless of his hair color, Black-Haired Suga truly is a gift to humanity. Here are 10 reasons why!


1. Suga’s black hair brings out the IDGAF in his eyes…


2. …and the Agust D in his soul


3. It makes everything he does look even sexier


4. For example, just when you thought this iconic hair move couldn’t get any better…


5. …it did!


6. Everybody knows that black = badass…


7. Well, most of the time!


8. Did we mention his matching eyeliner? Everybody say, “thank you, stylists”!


9. Speaking of style — black and green is an epic win.


10. We dub thee “Slytherin Suga”!