10 Iconic Moments From PSY And BTS Suga’s “That That” Music Video That Every ARMY Should See

Seriously, #5 was everything.

PSY and BTS Suga‘s “That That” music video is full of hilarious, iconic, and super cool details. From Suga’s sexy leopard look to the fight scene between him and PSY, there are plenty of moments that need to be rewatched! Check out 10 of the most memorable moments below.

1. Suga’s entrance says it all.

When he jumps into the music video, you already know it’s going to be legendary!

2. This choreography right here, officer.

The smirk at the end will get you every time.

3. A rap battle suddenly broke out as Suga arrived.

Honestly, it was perfect timing.

4. Suga pushing back his hair deserved it’s own moment.

Every day we get one step closer to finally suing Min Yoongi.

5. The Psy and Suga fight scene we didn’t know we needed…until now.

However, they just might be airbenders.

6. Of course, the hilarious scene that followed.

No caption needed for this.

7. Nothing is better than watching Suga do his thing in a Saloon.

It’s like the wild and crazy cousin of “Permission To Dance.”

8. This heart-stopping moment as Suga walked over to the crowd.

The anticipation.

9. Towards the end, a whole party broke out.

By this part, you should be on your feet!

10. Bonus: The set, wardrobe, and overall concept was killer.

If you don’t feel like wearing fringe suddenly, did you even watch the music video?

Watch the full music video below!