Here Are The 7 Hilarious Roles BTS’s Suga Takes On When He Can’t Play Tennis

He might be resting his shoulder, but he’s still doing the most!

BTS‘s Suga may not be able to play tennis with the boys while resting his shoulder, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have some fun on the sidelines! Check out his funniest moments while he does anything but play tennis in episode 130 of Run BTS!.

1. Host

Injured or not, Suga always does a fantastic job hosting!

However, the BTS members would prefer he gets more a bit more specific when it comes to explaining the rules — They just need to know if headshots are allowed.

2. Resident Strong Man

When Tennis Coach Kim struggled to open the ball with a player’s name inside…

…Resident Strong Man Min Yoongi was there to save the day!

3. Medic

After getting hit in the shoulder, V dramatically collapsed.

However, Medic Suga ran out to save him and was twice as dramatic!

4. Referee

Jin was feeling a little rambunctious and decided to smack an innocent tennis ball.

Referee Suga was not having it! As a punishment, he gave Jin a yellow pencil…er, card.

5. Designated Meat Craver

There’s always that one guy who reminds everyone how hungry they are during sports and Suga did just that when he announced his galbi craving in the middle of a match.

6. Scorekeeper (and local fan)

Suga was both surprised and impressed by the members’ skills as he kept score of their riveting match.

7. Moderator

Moderator Suga made sure nobody broke any rules that day — especially Jin who used his phone while filming!