4 Times BTS’s Suga Gave ARMY The Most Obvious Spoilers…And Nobody Realized

#3 was right in front of our faces.

Time and time again, Suga has proved himself to be BTS‘s spoiler king. However, he always makes sure to give such subtle hints that nobody notices until much later! Check out some of the moments below where he had us all fooled.

1. D-2

Suga released his D-2 mixtape on May 22. However, not long before that, he had ARMY completely fooled.

BTS’s Suga | BIGHIT Music

Only a few weeks prior, Suga hosted “DJ Suga Honey FM 0.613”, a live, audio-only broadcast with RM. The two discussed how it will be a long time until Suga releases any music.

He said it wasn’t even close to being released — and only a few days later, teasers for his album began popping up!

2. AGUST D Tour

One day, Suga came on Weverse live to spend some quality time with his fans. He shared that his reason for coming live was because he missed ARMY.

However, in the middle of the live broadcast, his Agust D tour announcement was uploaded! Fans were shocked by the unexpected news…

…and even got to see his iconic live reaction!

Months prior, he had fans convinced that he wasn’t interested in doing a solo tour. Meanwhile, it was probably already in discussion!

3. D-DAY

News of Suga’s upcoming documentary “SUGA: Road To D-DAY” recently dropped on social media, and fans were excited to see what’s in store. However, nobody expected that his upcoming album title was actually hidden in the name of the documentary!

| Disney+

Only a few days later, D-DAY was announced to be coming soon and will be officially released on April 21. It all makes sense now!

| Weverse

But…how did we not realize this?!

4. People Part 2

Most recently, Suga took to social media to upload that he was listening to his song “People” from D-2.

Listening to…🎧

— Suga

| @agustd/Instagram

Only a day later, the announcement was made that “People Pt. 2” (featuring IU) is the pre-release track, coming out on April 7!

| @BTS_official/Twitter