8 Iconic Moments From BTS Suga’s “Suchwita” Episode 2 Everyone Should See

#2 was hilarious!

BTS‘s Suga recently released episode 2 of Suchwita with guest star comedian Shin Dong Yeob. The two had in-depth conversations about everything from their love of alcohol to the journey of their careers. Check out some of the iconic moments below!

1. The reason for Suga’s long hair

With his long hair and makeup on, you can never see how red he gets!

2. When he realized we’re all human, even doctors

I also get health checkups every year and they said, ‘You need to stop drinking’ so I asked them out of curiosity, ‘What do you do when you get off work?’ and they said ‘I drink.’

— Suga

3. His sentimental words about fans listening to their music in the future

As time passes I don’t think more people are going to listen to my music. … But still, somebody’s going to listen and think back to their childhood days.

— Suga

4. Sharing his first drinking experience with his dad

For me too, it was when my father gave me beer. That was the first time for me. He handed me a glass over makchang since I’m from Daegu.

— Suga

5. Recalling how artists and their fans grow up together

It’s enough to bring tears to ARMY’s eyes.

6. Suga wondering about his future

Throughout the years, there have been many struggles, as well as many accomplishments.

7. When Shin Dong Yeob revealed there is no true “end”

I’ve never thought that way [about an end], but I wish you didn’t. I don’t want to declare retirement. … If you’re able to, until the end, just being together with fans is enough.

— Shin Dong Yeob

8. When he said this about the BTS members

We just haven’t gone on many shows. If you watch our own contents, the guys are pretty funny. They’re not in their right minds.

— Suga

Check out the full episode below.


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